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"Stop. Reflect. If you don’t do that you are a lesser human being for sure … The busyness does not make our lives meaningful. It is the interior life that makes the greatest difference to us in the end."

Ruth J. Simmons | 1945 - | 1st Africa-American women to lead an Ivy League school

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After watching the inspiring video below, I realized I have 33 half-hours each day where I'm awake (1000 minutes). Because of the video, I've been reading and reflecting much more ... and it's been wonderful.

I don't know many people who dismiss the value of reading. But I do know many people who share with me how little they read.

When you can (outside the money hours, of course), be sure to give Max Joseph's video below at least 5 minutes of your attention. It's inspiring, educational, and nicely shot. My guess, is it'll inspire you to read more. It did for me.

It's about 35 minutes long, but you'll know whether it's for you by minute 5.

The thought above came from a short interview toward the end of the video. Figuring out the math of my daily waking half-hours came from Tim Urban's segment in the beginning.

If after watching the video you need a few good books, ours are always a good place to start.

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