our 1st question

What can I do to make it better?

I typically share that question as the first thing people should ask themselves when they find themselves in a bad work environment (tough people, mind-numbing work, bad processes, pick your complaint).

Seems fundamentally fitting for everything now.

It's where the grown-ups dwell (rather than in the toilet paper and hand sanitizer aisles of our stores).

"Do what you can to do what you ought, and leave hoping and fearing alone."

Thomas Huxley | 1825 - 1895 | English biologist & educator

(He said that in the 1800s!)

If you're healthy and in a world where your normal work has been put on pause by things out of your control, could you...

  • Create your plan for how you'll approach things when we get to the other side of this and prep it with all that can be done beforehand. (Mise en place ... pronounced 'meez - on - plas' ... a phrase in the cooking world for getting everything in its place before cooking.)
  • Connect (by phone or video meeting) with your most important customers/partners/patients/constituents in meaningful ways. (Meaningful = valuable for them ... think hard.)
  • Strengthen your skills and knowledge within your industry.
  • Take a thinking, reading, meditation vacation (like Bill Gates does).
  • Write your book, paint your painting, or learn that language or instrument.
  • Check in more with friends and family.
  • Help out that cause you've been wanting to help for so long.

If we missed you, read a little more on  my big picture thoughts on all of this. You might also enjoy one of my favorite videos on gratitude and living in the moment (at the bottom of the page).

Be Happy. Do Something. Shop Smile & Move.

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