Part of You

Part of You

The quote above is my favorite reminder from a wonderful 7-minute TED talk we all fell in love with here at (the video is below).

That and the reminder that human connections are ultimately the on-ramp to everything good ... better relationships, better results, more enjoyment.

Leadership thought: What are you and your colleagues allowing to become a part of you?

Outside your workday or on a well-earned break, please don't miss this wonderfully inspiring 7-minute video from Rita Pierson (watch it below). While she talks about education, you can easily see how her reminders are fully applicable to everyone's work.

Love Your People Booklets. (5 minutes to better relationships.) Click here to learn more.

Remember ... never discount the value of human connection and the importance of the words and thoughts you allow to surround yourself. Both are the beginning of everything. (Really.)

A sad update...

Rita died on June 28, 2013 at the age of 61 - a couple months after delivering this talk. (How wonderful it is though, that her work continues to inspire.)

If Rita connected with you and you'd like to make a donation to her favorite charity (in lieu of flowers), her family has asked those remembrances be made to Communities In Schools of Houston ( click here).

If you have the time, read her inspiring essay at The Huffington Post here. My favorite reminder ... "Some of my best parent conferences were held on the produce aisle at the grocery store." If you lead a team of people, remember that (important) connections can happen anywhere at anytime.

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