People Who Care

People Who Care

That was a text I sent to my wife after keynoting an awards trip for a group of top performers and their spouses (or plus-ones).

That night, I joined them for dinner and drinks and had more meaningful conversations in a 4-hour period than I think I've ever had. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with so many different types of people of all ages about their lives, their challenges, and how they're going about trying to make things even better.

I was inspired.

The experience made me think of Earl Nightingale's reminder from Lead The Field...

“The higher up on that pyramid you climb, the better the view, the fresher the air, the smaller the crowd ... but it takes more effort to climb higher on a pyramid.”

I always think of that sentiment as creating more choices for ourselves ... or put another way... more control, more autonomy, more freedom.

More choices = More fun

Those people I met ... those top performers ... they were at that meeting because they made a commitment to doing their jobs well. And they did their jobs well by making a lot of good things happen for other people, which in turn made a lot of good things happen for their teams and themselves.

Work inspired. It's a more enjoyable way to live.

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