perfectly pleasant

perfectly pleasant

My wife and I went to New York City to celebrate the beginning of our next chapter ... empty nesters.

It was a wonderful trip. Food was a big part of it.

One morning, we were lucky enough to be put on a 35-minute waiting list for breakfast. While waiting, we walked down the block and noticed another small place that looked good.

One of the owners was outside greeting guests. Australian guy named Tim ... very inviting. He said there were a couple seats at the bar right away if we wanted them.


My wife grabbed our seats while I walked back to the other place to let them know we'd try again the next day.

Good Thanks was the new place. The food was beautiful and tasted great … most important for a restaurant, of course.

But, the team added to the experience. They seemed genuinely happy to be there … relaxed and interested in making our breakfast experience something special … but they were also pleasant with each otherThey were Smovers. It was inspiring. Sophia and Mikey were the servers. Julian was the chef. All Australians too.

Sitting at the bar, we talked with each of them at different times as we watched Julian cook a few feet away (look at those eggs!).

As we left, we thanked them for their work and I realized, I don’t find myself wanting to do that at restaurants very often. Proximity helped (being a small place and sitting so close to the chef), but I think it was all of it coming together so authentically that connected with me … the work and the culture. They were a better part of our day.

I emailed Tim to find out if there might be something specific they do to cultivate such a perfectly pleasant* team.

“We lead by example, listen to our staff, treat everyone with respect, encourage them to express who they are as people, and ultimately, have fun.”

Good advice for all of us … a good story created.

If you find yourself hungry or thirsty in The Lower East Side of NYC, Good Thanks will make you happy.

* Perfectly pleasant was the description my wife and I landed on when we were discussing how much we enjoyed our time with the Good Thanks team. They had an honest pleasantness … not contrived. Warm. Perfect.


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