Positively Remarkable

Positively Remarkable

I was doing an expense report after a keynote trip and noticed what it said at the bottom of my hotel receipt...

“How was your stay?” it asked.

It continued with...

“If you cannot rate your visit as 'EXCELLENT' please let us know,” followed by what appeared to be a generic customer service email and then the name of the general manager.

I thought about the stay and how ordinary it was ... fine ... they met expectations (lucky to have a roof and bed, of course). But to me, excellent is something special. Excellent is when you hit 212 degrees.

Dictionaries have it as superior ... possessing outstanding quality... remarkably good.

Excellent is something good enough to be talked about and shared.

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I wondered what it would've taken for me to feel as though the stay was “EXCELLENT.” What could they have done to make me feel more than just satisfied? What could they have done to have me telling my friends to be sure to stay there when they're in that city?

Then I flipped it and asked myself the same thing. What could we do here with our customers to exceed expectations more ... to be positively remarkable?

Then I asked myself what I could do for my teammates to have them feel better about working with me. (I can be a little grumpy sometimes.)

So ... what could you and your team do to push things a little more? Could you be more positive and have a better sense of urgency for your customers and colleagues? (We call it Smoving ... Smiling & Moving.) Could you remove the mystery and be better about asking people for feedback and ideas on how to improve for them? (And listen? Really.)

It's worth the discussion ... don't you think? (Likely a never-ending discussion.)


With my speaking, I stay in quite a few hotels during the year and unfortunately, very few have me calling my wife saying, “Oh my. You should've come with me on this trip.” Three that have ... Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, SC ... Hotel Drisco, San Francisco, CA ... The Pfister, Milwaukee, WI.

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