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“It is not just a connection for the four of us, but we really feel like it is a connection to all of you ... to everybody. We hope that it brings a smile to your face. We hope that it provides something positive in your lives and we hope that it's an inspiration ... that it shows when you work together, there's no limit to what you can achieve.”

Commander Mike Hopkins | 1968 - | American astronaut

Hopkins was sharing the name he and the team gave their SpaceX capsule that launched 11.15.20.

Here's NASA's post that inspired the headline...

Whether space exploration is your thing or not, you might enjoy a couple moments from the news conference where he shared the thought above. Enjoy that (the video should automatically start at 6:33) and the comments by astronaut Victor Glover on how NASA and SpaceX worked together (move to 43:33). Some good cultural reminders in here.

For a 2-minute recap on the whole event (launch at 1:04 and joining the crew at the International Space Station at 1:32)...

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