Sad Talk

Sad Talk

"How was your weekend?" the banker asked me.

"Very nice," I said. "And yours?"

"Not long enough."
(so much mediocrity ... so little time)

I looked around to see if anyone I knew might be watching. I thought maybe they staged it as a joke to watch the springs pop out of my head.

I understand not everyone enjoys their work. I understand the clichés of small talk.

But no one should complain about work to their customer or suggest to a customer that they'd like to be doing anything other than helping them. Ever. (customerwhoever makes it possible for you to eat)

Why does it happen?

I think it's more a lack of preparation and thought than anything else.


If you lead a team of people, invest some time with them. Involve them (the third point to Leading Simply). As a team, develop replacement statements for those small talk moments... statements that help everyone say something useful or thought-provoking rather than something a Gomo or D-grunt might say. (What are Gomos and D-grunts?)

Social Media Locations Screen on Held iPhone

Then, remember to remind people often to use those replacement statements (the need for solid and ongoing reinforcement never ... ever, ever, ever ... ends). Other typical statements to avoid are below. See how many you've heard before.

If you lead only yourself, remember that you want more choices (more choices = more fun... and more choices come from better work, more focus, and care).

Never say these sad talk things and be sure not to post your countdown to the weekend on Facebook, Twitter, or other outlet to the world. Unless of course, you'd prefer less choices (which isn't the case because you're likely a 212er or a Smover if you've read this far).

More sad talk to avoid with your customers...

  • I'm so ready for the weekend.
  • Thank God it's Friday.
  • I've got a bad case of the Mondays.
  • Only a few more hours.
  • I'm ready for this day to be over.
  • Can't wait to be off.
  • I'll be better when my shift/ this day is over/ I get my coffee.
  • Hump Day! Only two days 'till Friday!
  • It's too hot/ cold/ warm/ wet/ rainy/ sunny/ snowy.
  • I'm tired.

Is it Friday yet sign
And remember ... no signs out for your customers that say other than something positive (unlike the sign to the right ... an actual message seen by one of our team members at a place they frequent).


The picture above ... I was posting something to Instagram and tagging the location. I chose and noticed the sad little place someone created on their own ... another bad idea.

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