Shiddy Work

I asked my sons to caption this picture from our bathroom. (Tough sometimes to have a dad who does what I do.)

“Lazy,” said one.

“Selfish,” said the other.

Not bad, I thought. Then I suggested, “Be the kind of person who thinks about the next person.” And something about that exchange helped me do that more often myself over the following weeks … not just in the bathroom, but with the many other small opportunities I was given to make the day a little better for someone else.

A few weeks later, I go into the bathroom…

I smiled. A step in the right direction. But, it still fell short for me. (212 … you know.)

To 212 this opportunity, would have been to replace the smaller roll with the new roll and put the smaller roll on top.

< You’re insane, Sam! >

Sometimes. But don’t let that stand in the way of letting this little story inspire you to look for more ways to be a better part of someone’s day.

More below.

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A little too much…

Smile & Move fans know I’m big on the importance of having a sense of urgency for others. It’s the 3rd principal of the Move side of things.

Staying with the our theme, this really happened to me in an airport on my way to a speaking event (12 seconds) … a little too much urgency.

How was I ready to take the video? To my surprise … 20 seconds before, I watched the first roll get replaced with a little more hands in view. I knew it was coming. #MorePrivacyPlease

Today’s title is courtesy of a little back and forth at the office. We were discussing the work sin of knowingly delivering inferior work (knowingly is what makes it a sin). The word ‘inferior’ seemed a little stiff. A thesaurus check gave us ‘second-rate’, ‘shoddy’, and ‘cheap’.

Shoddy became shiddy and a little more middle school fun was had.

A more enjoyable day for everyone … that’s the goal.

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