Slippery Moments

Slippery Moments

The Gallup organization tells us that roughly 54% of us are not engaged with our work (we don't really care) and 17% are actively disengaged (we really don't care ... and we work to get in the way of those who do).

The non-engaged are what I call the Gomos (those of us who go through the motions in our efforts). The actively disengaged are the D-grunts (the disgruntled among us). More on this in my book, Lead Simply.

But I think rather than being an all-the-time Gomo or D-grunt, many of us have these Gomo and D-grunt moments. That's the more difficult thing to take care of.

All-the-time Gomos and D-grunts can be avoided, excluded, or let go. Moments as Gomos and D-grunts can be slippery and can trip things up.

And it's those moments that can get in the way of so many good things. A little encouragement withheld, a little gossip or a nasty look, and I'm d-grunting. A little less effort and care at a particular time because I'm just not up for it or I make the work about me ... I'm gomoing it (instead of Smoving or Two-twelving).

So what's the solution?

Work for others the way I'd like them to work for me. Treat people the way I'd like to be treated. Give others the breaks I'd like to be given.

And, when I make a mistake, get over myself (apologize) and get back to doing the work I'd like others to do for me ( Love Your People stuff).

That's it.

Simple. Easier*. More enjoyable.

* It's time to revise the cliché that doing the right thing (being kind, patient, honest, etc.) is simple but not easy. Maybe reframing things in our minds and not resigning ourselves to the “I'm only human” label will make the right things easier to do more often than not.

"You just keep loving people. Your art [work] is a gift to people to help their lives be better and to be brighter. You're trying to help people just get through the day.”

Will Smith (1968 - )
American producer, actor, music artist

The quote above is from Smith pumping up Jimmy Fallon in his opening Tonight Show appearance back in 2014 (watch the clip below).

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