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(an excerpt from Smile & Move)

I want to give you a message.

It’s a message I’m sure I was told many times in many ways, and I wish I’d embraced it much earlier in my life. If I had, I’m confident I could have contributed in a much bigger way and enjoyed much more as a result.

I wish I’d Smoved (Smiled & Moved).

We go to our go-to people because they get the job done. They serve us in a way we can count on more often than the next person (group, institution, or store).

I wish I were that person more often. I wish I were the go-to person for my particular verse in the world.

It’s one of our deepest, most human desires. I want to be needed. You want to be needed. We all want to matter to the world and the people in it.

Smile & Move is a call to go deep within your verse (your work … the way you contribute) and practice it as Martin Luther King Jr. suggests...

After one has discovered what he is called for, he should set out to do it with all of the power that he has in his system. Do it as if God almighty ordained you at this particular moment in history to do it.

Martin Luther King Jr. | 1929 - 1968 | civil rights leader, Nobel Prize winner

Anything less and we all miss out.

It’s about attitude and action … being positive and having a sense of urgency. Being pleased to serve. Having effect.

Mattering to the world, all with a smile.

Not a smile with unchanged eyes … a forced smile. But a smile born of a dramatic, heartfelt understanding that the opportunity to move, to act, to help someone else in some way is the most wonderful giving-life-meaning opportunity all of us have (although not all of us use). You’re at my service and I’m at yours.

Given a few moments to really consider our personal value proposition in life, how can we come up with it being anything other than helping others?

(Invest those few moments … really consider it.)

We want to matter. We want to be relevant. And, we want to be happy.

But sometimes we forget where this happiness comes from. And when that happens, we start thinking and acting in ways that are all about what we get rather than what we give. And that attitude keeps us from enjoying so much more.

Big responsibility, big trust, big opportunity, and big money (more choices) are all earned by creating big value for others. (There are exceptions, of course. But, they’re exceptions because they’re not the rule.)

If we want to matter and be happy, if we want more freedom, more flexibility, more responsibility, or more money, we need to give more to those we serve.

We need to get over ourselves.

We need to Smile & Move.

Work is life, you know, and without it, there’s nothing but fear and insecurity.

John Lennon | 1940 – 1980 | Grammy & Academy Award winner

Get the Smile & Move book.

(Until 03.24.20, I never realized the two quotes I shared in this are people who lived large lives of contribution inside only 40 years.)

Enjoy Neil Diamond singing his revised-for-the-times version of 'Sweet Caroline.' It'll make you smile.

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