Speak Smovish? Less useful than English, Spanish, or Chinese but much more fun.

These are some of the words that have naturally developed around Smile & Move since its introduction. ( What's Smile & Move?)

We've found the most common convention that creates a "Smovish" word is a word that starts with the letter m or a vowel. Anything else tends to be a little awkward (although they can still be fun)... for example, smweet: (That is so smweet.)


smove: ('smüv) verb: to smile & move (Let's smove!)

smover: ('smü-vər) noun: one who smiles & moves (Now that guy's a smover.)

smovement: ('smüv-mənt) noun: an organized effort to create a world of smovers (Obviously what's happening here is a part of a smovement.)

smoved: ('smüvd) verb: 1. to be positively affected by coming into contact with a smover or experiencing a smovish act 2. past tense of smove (We were so smoved when we checked into our hotel because everyone smoved at all moments.)

smovable: ('smü-və-bəl) adjective: able to become a smover (She may not have a great attitude right now but I'm confident she's smovable with the right mentor.) One can also be unsmovable (Unfortunately, she's unsmovable.)

smovish: ('smü-vish) adjective: having qualities that illustrate a smile & move character or demeanor (You want to hear something really smovish?). Also the language of a smover.

sman: ('sman) noun: a male smover (You're the sman!)

smoment: ('smō-mənt) noun: a point in time of a smovish experience (Isn't this a beautiful smoment?)

smission: ('smi-shən) noun: a specific smovish task with which a group or person is charged (We're on a smission and nothing can stop us.)

smeltdown: ('smelt-down) noun: a breakdown of smovish characteristics by smover (She obviously had smeltdown.)

smovology: (smü-'vä-lə-jē) noun: a branch of knowledge that deals with smiling & moving (Are you taking smovology this semester?)

smovoscopy: (smü-'väs-kə-pē) noun: endoscopic examination of the heart and mind for smovish characteristics (We're a little concerned with your approach to things lately so we've scheduled a smovoscopy for you later in the week.) Not usually painful.

smovotomy: (smü-'vä-tə-mē) noun: surgical severance of any smovish characteristics (What an @ss#ol&! The guy must have had a smovotomy before he left the house today.) Smovectomy can be substituted.

smulch: ('sməlch) noun: a protective covering spread or thrown over a complainer or non-smover to prevent their negative attitude from spreading (It was a great meeting. We had to throw a little smulch in one area of the room but other than that, things went very well.)

smiracle: ('smir-i-kəl) noun: an extraordinary event with smovish characteristics (It's a smiracle... a true blue spectacle.) – hat tip to Barry Manilow

smattitude: ('sma-tə-tüd) noun: the mental position of a smover (And this guy had a smattitude. He was extremely helpful.)

smad: ('smad) adjective: angry about a situation where a smattitude would have helped but wasn't used (If they did a better job while I was there, I don't think I'd be as smad as I am.)

sminitiative: ('smi-'ni-shə-tiv) adjective: the act of initiating for a smover (Little Bobby shows so much sminitiative it's inspiring.) Also illustrates something being undertaken. (This is part of our new sminitiative.)

smotivate: ('smō-tə-vāt) verb: to inspire someone or a group to smile & move (If anyone can smotivate them, it's Sally.) One can also be a smotivator (Sally's a true smotivator. She'll get them excited about the new sminitiative.) And, a smotivator can provide smotivation (Sally knows how to deliver smotivation at the right time.)

smonday: ('smən-dā) noun: the first day of a smover's week (I'm excited about Smonday. We've got some great things lined up for the week. TGIS.)

smaloha: (smə-'lō-hä) interjection: used as a greeting or farewell by a smoving Hawaiian (Smaloha! Welcome to Kauai.)

smorning: ('smor-ning) noun: the start of a day approached with a smattitude (I love the smell of sales in the smorning. It smells like... victory.) – hat tip to Coppola and ‘Apocalypse Now'

smonument: ('smän-yə-mənt) noun: a memorial stone erected in honor or remembrance of a smover (Heck of a job, Jack. I'm personally going to commission a smonument of you and put it in our lobby.)

smear: ('smir) noun: a drop of clear saline fluid that falls from the eye when one experiences an authentically smovish act (The level of service was so wonderful it brought a smear to my eye.)

smotto: ('smä-tō) noun: a short expression of a smovish guiding principle (Our smotto is to "ABA"... Always Be Approachable.)

smusic: ('smyü-zik) noun: smovish sounds that smotivate one to smile & move (I've got some great smusic we can play as people come into work each day.)

smagnet: ('smag-nət) noun: a person that attracts smovers and smattitudes (Nancy is our smagnet. The best of the best are in line to be on her team.)

smoney: ('smə-nee) noun: payment earned by smoving (Let's smove our way to the big smoney. Smweet money.)

smunion: ('smyün-yən) noun: an organization of workers who's primary concern is the interest of its customers rather than themselves (It was in 2010 when things started to get better. That was the year the first smunion was formed in the airline industry.)

smatisfaction: ('sma-təs-'fak-shən) noun: the positively exceptional fulfillment of a need or want (It's difficult nowadays to get any smatisfaction from airline people. If only they'd join a smunion.)

smactivity: (smak-'ti-və-tē) noun: a pursuit in which one exemplifies or hones smovish principles (The team is involved in a smactivity this afternoon.)

smaction: ('smak-shən) noun: a smovish act of will (Smactions speak louder than words.)

smushroom: ('sməsh-rüm) noun: a smover who's kept in the dark and treated like... poop (They're smushrooms. They've got potential. They just need a better leader.)

smass: ('smas) noun: a smover who slips (He's not a bad guy. He's more of a smass.)

smadass: ('smad-as) noun: a smover with formidable strength or skill (I think you'll like Sally. She's a smadass.)

smexy: ('smek-sē) adjective: attractive, interesting or appealing because of smovish characteristics (We're bringing smexy back... yeah.)

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