soup lesson

soup lesson

I’m in college. 1st job waiting tables. Not much of a food person at this point.

The place was one of the better restaurants in town. Great specials. Homemade pasta. A nice French Onion Soup ... unless I was your server.

I’m about 3 weeks into the work. Doing well, I thought.

I load up a couple bowls of onion soup from the soup station and start leaving the kitchen for one of my tables.

“Hey Sam!” the owner/chef stops me.


“Where you going with that?”

“Table ordered a couple French Onion Soups,” I say.

“Is that what you’ve been giving customers when they order the onion soup?” he asks.

“Yes. Why?”

Obviously, my life/food experience at that point hadn’t yet taught me what made French Onion Soup French Onion Soup. For 3 weeks, I gave customers caramelized onions and meat stock without its must-have crusty bread and blanket of broiler-melted cheese.

Not a tragedy, but if I owned the place...

I’d be a little concerned about my training process (what else I might have missed), the fact that none of my customers shared their thoughts with me on my weak product, and the stories those customers might have shared.

For 35 years that experience has been reminding me to stay awake (Smile & Move principle #1) and connect with people (a big part of Leading Simply).

French onion soup this weekend?

There are simpler ways to do it but the one in the video below is pretty nice. I like to finish it by cutting the croutons in half so it's easier to eat.

Model. Connect. Involve. Get the Lead Simply book.

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