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“Each, in his appropriate sphere, will lead in person.”

George S. Patton | 1885 - 1945 | American army general

Patton shared that in 1944 in his first Letter of Instruction to the leaders of the Third United States Army.

It was followed by...

Any commander who fails to obtain his objective, and who is not dead or severely wounded, has not done his full duty.

An urging reminder of a leader's responsibility for owning the results ... to not offload them to an excuse.

Here's the part I think too many leaders forget (Patton's next words)...

In carrying out a mission, the promulgation (to promote or make widely known) of the order represents not over ten percent of your responsibility. The remaining ninety percent consists of assuring by means of personal supervision on the ground, by yourself and your staff, proper and vigorous execution.

The need for solid and ongoing reinforcement never (ever, ever) ends.

Model the behavior you want see. Connect with the people you lead. Involve them as much as possible. That's your path to so much better.

Model. Connect. Involve. Get the Lead Simply book.

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