Stun & Amaze

Stun & Amaze

Isn't that what we all want to do and be?
Isn't that what we want to inspire from the people around us?

The phrases above are from the Netflix organization (almost $12 billion in sales, 4,800+ employees, and more than 115 million customers). In 2009, founder Reed Hastings and Patty McCord (Chief Talent Officer) published a slide show for potential employees about their culture and values (below). In 2017, the company revised it a bit and made it easier to read.

I highly recommend it whether you're a leader or someone who supports a leader. It's one of those seeds that in the long run (and maybe even today ... right now) will make you smarter and help you make more good things happen for other people. (Making good things happen for other people ... that's the ultimate mission statement. Get a reminder.)

Served up for your professional and organizational development pleasure...

The ultimate mission statement.


We do well in our work by being valuable to someone else. That's it.

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