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"One benefit of risking failure ... the risk of success.”

Sam Parker | Asshole

Push your luck. Avoid learned helplessness. More below.

Don't miss the extra thought.

Push Your Luck

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Share them with your team. Discuss the points.

On learned helplessness...

Sometimes, if we don't have success after repeated attempts to do something, we can lose confidence and eventually give up trying. It's called “learned helplessness” (we learn to be helpless). Martin Seligman is the psychologist who’s often credited for coining the term.

Quick check...

Any areas where you and your team have stopped trying (or try, but with little commitment) because prior repeated failures and/or a perceived inability to succeed have trained you not to try?

How about with motivating and improving team attitudes and cooperation (no one is Loving Their People ... few are Smoving … too much cynicism and not enough Rising & Reaching)? With customer care improvement initiatives?

When you can, make some time to identify any possible trends where “learned helplessness” could be taking hold in your world. Consider talking it over with your team or family and then think through how you can deliberately work to minimize it and start a trend of learned optimism.

Dare to be an idealist.

A little more...

Why did I give myself that title? Because I thought, "What kind of person quotes themselves in their own writing?" Also, because I am an asshole at times.

I believe most of us are from time to time. Some more than others. And I think if more of us recognized the truth of that, the world would be a better place. Because then we'd be more self-aware and maybe give others the break we'd like to be given more often (such a simple solution to a whole lotta pain).

And if ever there was a time to use that attribution, it's with that opening thought.

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