that's not what i meant

I called to place a take-out order for lunch.

“And what’s the name?” he asked.

“Sam,” I said.

“I’m sorry. What was that?”


“I’m really sorry. I didn’t hear you.”

“My name is Sam ... as in Green Eggs and Ham.” I use this line when someone is having a difficult time hearing my name over the phone. My hope is to give them a little laugh (or at least a smile) while making my name clearer.

“Got it,” he responded (no laugh … but I’m sure he smiled ... I’m very funny). More below.

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20 minutes later, I arrive to pick up my sandwich. “I’m picking up an order for Sam.”

He looks on the shelf with orders that are ready to go. “Sorry. It looks like it’s not ready. But, I can take your payment now.”

I pay and step aside.

He reaches back to the shelf, grabs the box, and hands it to me. “I think this might be yours.”

Smile & Move and Declaration of Contribution Posters Held. Stay awake. Stay aware. Stay inspired.

I smiled and enjoyed the fun (and inexpensive) reminder that what we say isn’t always received in the way we intend ... and that communicating clearly is always my responsibility. 

I got that lesson recently with my message on risk, learned helplessness, and a simple solution to a whole lotta pain.

Enjoy it (or maybe not). My word choice risk was fun for some but not everyone.

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