tom hanks on the process

“I think a long time ago, I learned how important it was to show up a little bit early. Be ready to go, you know? And to respect the whole process, and I think that you could respect the whole process even when the other people don’t.”

Tom Hanks | 1956 - | American actor

Hanks is an award-winning cultural icon. He shared that thought in a there's-hope-in-the-world interview with The New York Times.

He was waiting for the journalist rather than making her wait ... an uncommon dynamic for these types of interviews, according to the writer.

"Be ready to go" ... ties in to what I shared yesterday about this difficult time. But maybe even more important is his concluding reminder. (Worth pausing on.)

You can listen to the article on  The Daily podcast from The New York Times (one of my favorites) or read the interview on their site.

It'll make you want to be a better person.

"It doesn’t matter why you do nice things. All that matters is that you do them." A little more from Taffy Brodesser-Akner, the writer of the story.

Share this with the people you care about and  keep rising.

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