tough days

"One's feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results."

Florence Nightingale | 1820-1910 | English pioneer of modern nursing

This is a Rise* time for sure.

Unpleasant. Painful. Tragic for some.

I'm not confident things will get better quickly (relative term, of course). But I am confident we'll find ourselves on the better side of this at some point.

One thing it’s made me more aware of (more than ever in my life) is our connectedness and interdependency. We count on each other for so much.

Our work is an obvious interdependency. We’re seeing that now in a very big way.* We eat by making it possible for others to eat. (I pay for your work. You pay for my work.)

But as I’ve found myself having a difficult time focusing on my work (writing and sharing helpful things for you), I remind myself of Sam Harris’s thought…

“Your mind not only affects your life but those of everyone around you. Each of us affects many more people than we realize.”

I find that to be a pretty calming reminder to focus on what I can do today to be helpful to other people (making good things happen) … not just for the work but also for the mood.

The news will continue as will we. It'll be difficult for some of us (physically, emotionally, financially) … maybe many of us … maybe less of us than we think … but we will continue.

So it makes sense (for each of us) to do our best to stay focused on the work we can do to move things forward and be a better part of this challenging history.

Rise & Reach.


Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and favorite podcaster of mine. He concluded the 5th day of his introductory meditation course app with the thought above. (The app is called Waking Up.)

On our work interdependency ... Cancel a game, concert, meeting, or conference and every ancillary business directly or indirectly attached to it is hit. The impact of that alone is mind-blowing to me. The fun, the jobs, the income, the community ... put on pause.

And those businesses are made up of us ... people.

I agree though. We need to do it to lessen the long-term pain.

A Rise time? (addressed above) It's when things are difficult and we need to ask, "Now what?" It's the less enjoyable side of Rising & Reaching.

When you have 6 minutes, enjoy the video below about gratitude and living in the moment. I watch it every month or so for a boost to my attitude.

My favorite thought by Brother David Steindl-Rast (the narrator): “If you learn to respond [to this day] as if it were the first day in your life and the very last day, then you will have spent this day very well.”

Roll that around in your mind for 10 seconds. It's a really wonderful reminder. (And it appears to end in the video at 2:12 ... hmmm.)

Create a culture of gratitude. Shop Smile & Move.

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