when we drop the ball

when we drop the ball

I do not understand what I do.   
For what I want to do
I do not do, but what I hate I do.

Those words are from the apostle, Paul. I think about them often ... especially in those moments when I choose to model the behavior I'd prefer not to see in others (at the office ... at home) ... when I don't Lead Simply.

That picture above was the scene in our kitchen area recently here at InspireYourPeople. Not a tragedy, I understand. But, as some of you might remember, I wrote about a similar experience at home with my family earlier in the year. My hope with that story was to inspire more thoughtfulness (noun: consideration of the needs of other people). It worked for some … but obviously not us.

It reminded me of something that happened years ago in our old office.

Lead Simply Book

I walked into the kitchen. Hanging down over a couple cabinets was an open plastic bag that held a few more rolls of paper towels. I can't tell you why I didn't think to fix the scene.
(I wrote Smile & Move. I'm supposed to see these things.)

The next afternoon, I walked in the kitchen again and it was still hanging there. At that point, I started to fix it but stopped ... an in-house organizational behavior study ... how long would it take before someone took care of it?

By late morning the next day, I couldn't handle it. How could a group of engaged people who enjoy their work and the people around them let that mess hang there for what was now more than 48 hours ... a group of Smovers?! How did I miss it for the first 24 hours?! 

I'd like to say each of us were so incredibly focused (212 focused) on making good things happen that not one of us could afford the 4 seconds to fix it.

But that wasn't the case.

We got together outside the kitchen, looking in at the hanging trash, and discussed it as a team. None of us could explain why we allowed ourselves to be so sloppy and lazy. Crazy really. Somehow each of us forgot our responsibility to each other ... to help out.

Be Happy. Do Something. Shop Smile & Move.

It reminded us, we all drop the ball from time-to-time (each of us in this case). Given that, we should be careful to give each other the break we want to be given when we make our mistakes (to Love Our People).

It also had us thinking … what other small things do each of us have (and do) around the office that send a message we'd rather not send?

Anything you might want to change in your world?


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