you never know

you never know

“So many years just grinding it out hoping for an opportunity like this.”

Michael McDowell | 1984 – | Daytona 500 winner 2021

14 years racing the NASCAR series. No wins.

Over 9-hours with nearly 6 hours of rain delays. Never in the lead position. Running 4th into the final lap ... a multi-car crash all around him in the last half-lap. A surprise winner ‘under caution.’

What’s a win under caution?

In the last lap of a race, if there’s a crash, they wave the caution flag and the field of cars is frozen. Whoever’s in the lead at that moment is the winner.

McDowell’s win is a great reminder to keep pushing as much as possible because you never know when it might matter.

Congrats to Michael McDowell on his 212 win at Daytona! Enjoy his excitement beginning at 13:46, the winning opportunity, and the moment of caution at 15:26.

What's 212?

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