your money hours

"Rich enough not to waste time."

I've always loved that line. Unfortunately, it was delivered by the bad guy in the movie Wall Street (1987) and mixed in with a little too much 'greed is good' mentality.

But for me, the thought serves as both an inspirational and aspirational reminder to respect and value time ... one of the few things in life that if you lose, you can't get back.

If you're not earning the income you'd like to earn (or earning the opportunities you feel you should have), ask yourself...

Am I fully committed? Am I working like someone who makes $X thousand a year? Someone who makes about $Y every money hour* of the day?”

Are you valuing your time at that level?

(If not, who will?)

  • $50,000 = $25 every money hour
  • $75,000 = $37 every money hour
  • $100,000 = $50 every money hour (almost $1 a minute)
  • $120,000 = $60 every money hour (a dollar a minute)
  • $150,000 = $75 every money hour
  • $200,000 = $100 every money hour
  • $250,000 = $125 every money hour (more than $2 a minute)

More than $250,000 = You probably don't need the reminder.

*money hours: hours of the day where you make your good things happen ... your workday.

How to maximize your money hours...

  1. Choose to commit.
  2. Work hard.
  3. Focus.
  4. Bounce back from setbacks (faster).

This is how you Cross The Line.

The essay above is one of 13 from the book (in the Focus section).

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A great first step...

Read it yourself.

A great second step...

Pick up Cross The Line books for your team, encourage them to read it, and then discuss it. (Don't lead the team? Be bold and do it anyway and you might find yourself leading a team faster. Be careful of toes, of course.)

Then, to reinforce the message, use our fun Cross The Line reminders.

It all starts with a choice. Get the Cross The Line book.

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