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Sam Parker

I co-founded in 1998 after a sales career in several different industries (financial services, pharmaceuticals, joint replacements, office products, and software).

In the beginning, we built a community for sales leaders. It was (and is) called We've kept the most popular content available to everyone but in 2007, we started on a different path.

Several years ago, as a side project, I wrote what became an important book to a lot of different people and organizations. It's called 212° the extra degree (more than 1 million copies sold). It helps people better act on the understanding that a little extra effort and attention can have a big impact on our results and relationships.

That was the first step to where we are today ... a committed team of people in Richmond, Virginia focused on developing products and ideas that help people care more about their work and each other.

I followed 212 with a few other short books ... Lead Simply (a real-world-right-now leadership model for making things better), Smile & Move (a reminder to happily serve), Cross The Line (a manifesto on commitment), and Love Your People (a call to care more for the people we lead and serve). All but 212 are only available here at

Originally from the Washington, D.C. area (grew up in Annandale, VA), I now live in Richmond with my wife, Jennifer (she's an artist). We have three kids (two boys in college and a daughter 212ing in the real world).

I have a degree in business from James Madison University and have been obsessed with organizational behavior for more than 25 years.

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