Gomos & D-grunts

What are Gomos & D-grunts?

For many years, The Gallup Organization has conducted surveys and polls to help us understand how into our work we are. The fancy term for this in the study of organizational behavior is employee engagement.

They've determined the following (give or take a percentage point one way of the other depending on the year)...

  • 29% of us are engaged with our work (we care)
  • 54% of us are not engaged with our work (we don't really care)
  • 17% of us are actively disengaged with our work (we really don't care ... and we spread it ... we thrive on getting in the way of making good things happen)

Call the first group what you like (start with wonderful but then realize that being engaged in our work is really just our obligation to each other). The last two groups are Gomos and D-grunts. Gomos are the people who go through the motions. D-grunts are the disgruntled among us.

Add the last two groups together and we have 71 out of every 100 people going through the motions each day ... or worse.

Frightening, isn't it?

No Gomos. No D-grunts. You can make this happen.

What's the solution? We call it ... Lead Simply.

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