How Do I Start? (For Individuals)

I want to improve myself. How do I start?

Without knowing...

  • who you are
  • your budget
  • what you do
  • your goals and timeline
  • your experience

We'd recommend the following...

  1. Buy a collection of our books and read one each month.

    You can buy them separately or save some money with a Sam Parker Collection. When you get a collection, you’ll also get 5 of our wonderfully-designed reinforcement pocket cards. (If you’re in sales, get the collection that includes SalesTough.)

    Each collection has a copy of Lead Simply. Even if you aren’t a leader now, reading it will help you on your path to becoming a leader (maybe faster).


We suggest the following order for those not currently in a leadership role…


Cross The Line

212° the extra degree

Smile & Move

Love Your People

Lead Simply


If you lead people now, start with Lead Simply and then move through the other books. Salespeople buying the collection with SalesTough, start there and then move through the other books.

  2. Read each in one sitting. It’ll be easy because most take about 15 minutes to read. Make notes in the margins and/or write your notes in whatever way you find to be most helpful (spiral notebook, legal pad, online note-taking app, etc.).

  3. Summarize the main points and review them at the start of the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an entire month. If you can, put the main points where you can see them often.

  4. Commit to action and positive improvement (no excuses, no drama, no complaints). Be patient with yourself as you work toward being more consistent with your better work habits and people skills. (Use the ‘Be Resilient’ framework in Cross The Line and Smile & Move.)

  5. In writing, review your progress at the end of each week.

  6. Once you’re happy with your progress, continue to the next book and repeat the process.

  7. Be deliberate (adj: careful and unhurried).

    Don’t move too quickly in your efforts to practice and perfect these skills. This is a lifelong thing. The goal isn’t to get through the books. It’s to establish the habits that make more good things come your way… better relationships, more opportunities, better results … a more enjoyable day.

  8. If you can do all of this with another person or a small group of people … even better!

  9. Throughout all of it, remember…

    “The need for solid and ongoing reinforcement never (ever, ever, ever, ever) ends.” - Sam Parker (in Lead Simply).

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