How Do I Start? (For Leaders)

I lead people and want to use everything.
How do I start?

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Or, without knowing...

  • your budget
  • what you and your team do
  • your goals and timeline
  • the details about the people on your team

We'd recommend the following...

  1. Introduce your leadership team to Lead Simply and its Model, Connect, Involve framework. 

Do it using our comprehensive Lead Simply meeting package. It includes a short video, a scripted and editable PowerPoint® presentation, 10 Lead Simply books and other reinforcement material. It also includes a detailed Leader's Guide to help you introduce and discuss the material with your team. (Be sure to buy enough books and other reinforcement material for everyone.)

    Compare all Lead Simply meeting packages or buy only the individual products you think would work best.

  2. When you buy the Lead Simply material, buy a matching Cross The Line meeting package with enough books and other reinforcement material for everyone (including your leadership team).

  3. At the end of your leadership-only meeting, show the Cross The Line video and let everyone know your plan to introduce the message to the entire team. (“We're going to Cross The Line and commit to making this year/quarter/month the best ever. As a leadership team, we'll do that by Modeling the behavior we want to see, Connecting with our team, and Involving everyone as much as possible in the effort! At our next meeting, we’ll include everyone and introduce them to what it means to Cross The Line.”)

  4. Next (a few days, a week, a month later … time frame you feel is best), meet with your entire team (including leadership) to introduce the Cross The Line message. Use the PowerPoint® material and have a discussion using the Leader's Guide.

    Create more team buy-in and involve others in leading the meeting, if possible.

 Then, after any additional administrative things that need to be covered, close the meeting by showing the Cross The Line video.

    As a takeaway reminder, give everyone a copy of the Cross The Line book and any other reinforcement material you bought. Put the pocket cards in the books as bookmarks/reminders or share them a week or so later to instill the ideas over time.

  5. A few months later (or at the time interval you think makes the most sense given your objectives, challenges, and team), go deeper and introduce the 212 philosophy - helping everyone see the value of a little extra effort and attention. Do it using a 212 meeting package with enough books and reinforcement material for everyone.

  6. Then, when you think it makes the most sense, use Smile & Move next - inspiring people to be more positive and service-focused. Use a Smile & Move meeting package with enough books and reinforcement material for everyone.

  7. A few months later (or, again, at the time interval you think makes the most sense), introduce everyone to Love Your People - encouraging more trust and accountability to each other internally. Use a Love Your People meeting package with enough books and reinforcement material for everyone.

  8. Intermittently, throughout all of this, use our Make Good Things Happen, Work Kindly, and Rise & Reach messages to further support the bigger messages.

If you have salespeople, consider using our SalesTough message to help them become more valuable to your prospects, customers, and organization.

If you have a large organization, you can also license the PowerPoint® material and videos for use by everyone, everywhere, at any time, forever.

We're here to help anytime. Just call us in Richmond, VA at 804-762-4500.