No Excuses. No Drama. No Complaints.

No Excuses. No Drama. No Complaints.

How much more could we enjoy (all of us) without the excuses we give and take ... the drama we create and tolerate ... the complaints we share and hear?

How many more...

  • Cures could we develop?
  • Mouths would we feed?
  • Dollars might we make?
  • Problems could we solve?
  • Hours would we gain?
  • Patients could we soothe?
  • Students might we inspire?
  • Relationships would we build?

How many more good things would happen (for all of us, for each of us)?

So how do we do it?

How do we get rid of these hobblers to a better everything?

First: We accept our personal responsibility for improving things and we practice our self-awareness ... daily.

Then: We encourage the people we care about to do the same thing.

Because we're in all of this together. 

And with awareness, comes responsibility.

And as we become more and more self-aware (each of us), we can more consistently remind ourselves and each other how to minimize our excuses, our drama, and our complaints ... all with the goal of a more enjoyable day.

How do we enjoy more?

We embrace our challenges ... because excuses are distraction

No Excuses, Drama, Complaints Pocket Cards (Red)

Instead of dwelling on the difficulties to accomplishing something, we give our energy and attention to what needs to be done. We stay with how we can ... rather than indulging in why we can't.

We choose truth ... because drama is draining.

We commit to holding back on adding unnecessary emotion to a situation. We avoid exaggerating the positive or negative of anything or anyone. More often than not, we're thoughtful, optimistic, and encouraging.

And finally, we create solutions ... because complaints are boring and useless.

We shake off those useless thoughts and statements of entitlement and resignation. When we need to vent ... we do it privately. We stay results-focused and inspire more personal responsibility ... from everyone.

No excuses. No drama. No complaints.

A more enjoyable day for everyone. A beautiful goal.

How do you help people cut the excuses, drama, and complaints?

Our little reminder cards can help. Reminder on the front. Solution on the back.

Share them. Have a conversation around the ideas. Make the points a topic for a quick (and important) meeting ... remote or not. All kinds of ideas are below.

The cards (and other gear) will help you make it real and help you make it stick.

"With awareness, comes responsibility." - Sam Parker

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More ideas on how to use the material...

  • Hand out the reminder cards to your team and talk about the ideas together ... a quick meeting to remind everyone to be positive and minimize any negativity that can get in the way of making the good things happen.
  • Include the reminder cards or 5 x 7 prints with other handouts at a meeting as an added reminder.
  • Put a few mugs in your break room to add a little inspiration to those cups of coffee. Set them out to set the tone for your next meeting.
  • Use the cards or prints to reinforce a focus-on-results attitude for an upcoming project or when announcing a new organizational objective. ("It's going to be challenging but also exciting when we make it happen. As leaders, let's be sure to encourage everyone to be positive and stay focused on results. Here are some pocket-sized cards that you can pass out to your team to help you talk about some of those little attitude issues that can sometimes get in the way.")
  • Attach a reminder card to a pay stub with a note of congratulations ("Thanks for giving more!").
  • Include the cards or prints with any internal organizational mailings.
  • To add value to a book you give someone, place a reminder card inside. They make great bookmarks.
  • Introduce the ideas to everyone in a meeting. Then leave a reminder card or print on everyone's desk (or stand one up in everyone's computer keyboard) a couple weeks later to reinforce the ideas.
  • Give the cards or mugs out to new hires in your onboarding package.
  • Put the posters up in the office, in a break room, or at the site of your next meeting.

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