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Use the Lead Simply PowerPoint® presentation material, video, books, and other reinforcement gear to inspire and encourage your leaders to focus on what's most important (and often missed) in developing a special team of people that cares to make good things happen ... continually. (Everything is based on the bestselling book, Lead Simply.)

The framework...

Model the behavior you want to see.
Connect with the people you lead.
Involve them as much as possible.

That's it. Wonderfully simple.

(New to this? Learn all about Lead Simply.)

Meeting time of 30 - 120 minutes, depending on your delivery style and how much group interaction you want.

The Lead Simply Faculty & Staff Package includes…

  • 1 - Lead Simply PowerPoint® Presentation (19 slides, learn more below)
  • 1 - Lead Simply DVD (learn more below)
  • 30 - Lead Simply Books (read a sample)
  • 1 - Leader's Guide to help you introduce, discuss, and reinforce the Lead Simply message (includes presentation script and delivery ideas, discussion questions, and tips for guiding a meaningful discussion ... experienced presenter or not, this will help you have a great meeting)
  • 30 - Lead Simply Pocket Cards (they make great bookmarks and reminders)
  • 30 - Be No Ego Pocket Cards (get rid of the big egos that can get in the way of Leading Simply)
  • 30 - Lead Simply 5" x 7" Prints (Blueprint)
  • 30 - Lead Simply Gel Pens
  • 30 - Lead Simply Notepads
  • 30 - Lead Simply Post-it® Notepads (50 sheets each)
  • 30 - Lead Simply Wristbands (15 medium, 15 large)
  • 5 - Lead Simply Posters (3 blueprint, 2 white)
  • 2 - Make Good Things Happen Posters (1 blue, 1 purple)
  • 2 - Declaration of Contribution Posters (1 blue, 1 black)
  • 1 - Cross The Line book to keep you committed to Leading Simply
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About the Lead Simply presentation material…

  • 19 beautifully-designed slides in PowerPoint® format (delivered on a USB flash drive)
  • Presentation time of 20 - 90 minutes, depending on your delivery style and how much group interaction you want
  • Fully-scripted and editable presentation for easy preparation and customization
  • Developed by the author of Lead Simply (Sam Parker) and his team

More about the Lead Simply video...

  • Perfect for opening, closing, or supporting any meeting or event
  • Written, narrated, and directed by Sam Parker (author of the Lead Simply book
  • Inspiring, high-resolution production that runs about 3 minutes
  • No watermarks or warning messages
  • Sized with a 16:9 aspect ratio (a 16:9 aspect ratio is techie talk for "works well in most projection environments")

Please call us in Richmond, Virginia if you have any questions at all: 804-762-4500.

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