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Encourage everyone to be kinder and more accountable to each other with this little booklet by the bestselling author of 212° the extra degree (Sam Parker).

The 8 principles of Loving Your People...

1. Contribute
2. Be kind
3. Be patient
4. Be honest
5. Encourage people
6. Apologize
7. Forgive
8. Thank people

5 minutes to read. A lifetime of better relationships to enjoy.
20 wonderfully-designed pages in a 3 x 5-inch booklet (fits in a back pocket).

(New to this? Learn all about Love Your People.)

Discussion time of 15 - 60 minutes, depending on your conversation style and how much group interaction you want.

The Love Your People Booklet Discussion Package includes...

  • 10 - Love Your People Booklets (read a sample)
  • 1 - Leader's Guide written by the author to help you introduce, discuss, and reinforce the Love Your People message (includes discussion questions, tips for guiding a meaningful conversation, and ideas for using the supportive reinforcement material ... experienced discussion leader or not, this will help you have a great conversation)
  • 10 - Love Your People Pocket Cards (they make great bookmarks and reminders)
  • 10 - Be No Ego Pocket Cards (get rid of the big egos that can get in the way of Loving Your People)
  • 10 - Love Your People 5" x 7" Prints (White)
  • 1 - Lead Simply book to keep you Leading Simply
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The booklet includes...

  • The Love Your People essay and concept
  • Motivating thoughts and quotes
  • A 'My People' page for listing the people you care about
  • A 'Time to Think' section with questions to help you reflect on how to Love Your People
  • A blank 'Thoughts' page to write down any personal notes you'd like to keep track of