PowerPoint® Presentation Collection (All 6)

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Presentation Multi-Packs

This is a complete collection of all 6 of our ready-to-go PowerPoint® presentations.

Each can help anyone lead an inspiring and meaningful meeting.

(Don’t need all 6? Pick 5 presentations or pick 4 presentations.)

About the presentation material...

  • Beautifully-designed slides in PowerPoint® format (delivered on discs and USB flash drives)
  • Presentation times of 20 – 90 minutes, depending on your delivery style and how much group interaction you want
  • Fully scripted and editable for easy preparation and customization
  • Comprehensive Leader’s Guides to help you introduce, discuss, and reinforce the material (including presentation scripts and delivery ideas, discussion questions, and tips for guiding meaningful discussions ... experienced or not, these will help you have a great meeting)
  • Developed by the creator of each message (Sam Parker) and his team
  • Includes one copy of each book

Buying all 6 presentations saves you $375 (discounted 21% from $1,770 bought separately … $295 each).

If you’re new to our messages/titles, you can learn more about each from the links below or call us in Richmond, Virginia at 804-762-4500.

This collection includes these 6 PowerPoint® presentations...

Don’t need all 6? Pick 5 presentations or pick 4 presentations.

Need the material immediately? License the complete downloadable Presentation Collection.

To use all of this material with everyone everywhere in your organization, learn about our Everyone Everywhere™ PowerPoint® license.