Rise & Reach Pocket Cards (10 pack)

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Use the Rise & Reach pocket cards to inspire and encourage everyone (or just yourself) to keep moving forward no matter what happens ... bad or good!

The idea: When something bad happens, we RISE by asking, “Now what?” When something good happens, we REACH by asking, “What's next?” (more below)

Ideas for using...

  • Hand them out and discuss the ideas in a quick meeting. 
  • Leave one for someone at their desk with a note of encouragement.
  • Include them with other handouts at an event.
  • Put them in a book as a bookmark (one of ours or any book that could use the added reminder to Rise & Reach).
  • Read Sam's guide for how to use our pocket cards.

More about the card...

  • 10 identical two-sided cards
  • Each front features the call to Rise (Now What?)
  • Each back features the call to Reach (What's Next?)
  • 2 1/2" W x 3 3/8" H (the size of a credit card)
  • Heavy card stock paper with rounded corners

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2 questions to keep you moving forward ... no matter what.

Because things will happen (the good, the bad, the in-between). Every day.

How we move forward with each is our choice.

When something bad happens we need to ask ourselves…

Now what?

What will we do with what we've learned from the experience?
How will we press on regardless of the past?

We might need to stop what we've been doing, or we might need to do a little more.
We may need to do something completely different.

But we need to rise and keep moving forward. It's how we get to the good things.

And once we get to those good things, we need to ask ourselves…

What’s next?

What will we do with the progress we've made?
We acknowledge it. We enjoy it. We celebrate it.

But then we ask ourselves how we can reach for even better. What's the next step?

Because we don't want to rest in complacency.
We want to be responsible to better ... to progress ... to the future.

We rise. We reach. Anything else ... we're just sleeping.

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