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8 fundamental points to help you encourage your sales team to be prepared and stay focused on getting and keeping customers.

The 8 fundamentals of being SalesTough... 

  1. Nothing interrupts the money hours.
  2. Start early & go long.
  3. Calls first, paperwork last.
  4. Open strong.
  5. Know everyone (network more).
  6. Close comfortably & confidently.
  7. Solve problems (don't share them).
  8. Evaluate your personal sales value.

Quick to share. Motivating. Used by thousands of sales leaders.

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30 minutes to read. A lifetime of better sales results to enjoy.
95 wonderfully-designed pages in a 4 x 6-inch paperback book (fits in a back pocket).

Includes the classic 1500-word essay on initiative and responsibility, 'A Message to Garcia' (written in 1899, still a must-read with today's military and business leaders). 

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The book includes...

  • 8 short, inspiring essays addressing each fundamental of being SalesTough™
  • Opening statement guide to improve your approach with prospects
  • A guide to becoming a better networker
  • Closing checklist to help you focus on the important points to bringing in the business
  • Top 30 open-ended questions for salespeople
  • 'A Message to Garcia' - the classic inspiring essay about commitment and responsibility
  • Written by the co-founders of (Sam Parker & Jim Gould)

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