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Encourage your sales team to stay focused on what's most important to getting and keeping more customers with the SalesTough PowerPoint® presentation material, books, and other reinforcement gear! (Everything is based on the book, SalesTough.)

The 8 fundamentals of being SalesTough... 

  1. Nothing interrupts the money hours.
  2. Start early & go long.
  3. Calls first, paperwork last.
  4. Open strong.
  5. Know everyone (network more).
  6. Close comfortably & confidently.
  7. Solve problems (don't share them).
  8. Evaluate your personal sales value.

(New to this? Learn all about SalesTough.)

Meeting time of 30 minutes to a half-day, depending on your delivery style and how much group interaction you want.

The SalesTough Meeting Package includes...

  • 1 - PowerPoint® Presentation (99 slides, learn more below)
  • 10 - SalesTough books (read a sample)
  • 1 - Leader's Guide to help you introduce, discuss, and reinforce the SalesTough message (includes presentation script and delivery ideas, discussion questions, and tips for guiding a meaningful discussion ... experienced presenter or not, this will help you have a great meeting)
  • 10 - SalesTough Pocket Cards (they make great bookmarks and reminders)
  • 10 - Be Resilient Pocket Cards (resilience is an important part of being SalesTough)
  • 10 - SalesTough 5" x 7" Prints
  • 1 - Lead Simply book to keep you Leading Simply
  • 10 - SalesTough Gel Pens
  • 10 - SalesTough Notepads
  • 2 - SalesTough Posters
  • 1 - Make Good Things Happen Poster (black)
  • 1 - Declaration of Contribution Poster (red)
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About the SalesTough presentation material…

  • 99 beautifully-designed slides in PowerPoint® format (delivered on a USB flash drive)
  • Presentation time of 30 minutes to a half-day, depending on your delivery style and how much group interaction you want
  • Fully scripted and editable for easy preparation and customization
  • Developed by the authors of SalesTough (Sam Parker & Jim Gould) and their team

Please call us in Richmond, Virginia if you have any questions at all: 804-762-4500.

To use the SalesTough PowerPoint® material with everyone everywhere in your organization, learn about our SalesTough Everyone Everywhere™ license.

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