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Smile & Move can help you encourage your team to be more positive and service-minded in their efforts with customers and each other. Smoving (as it's come to be known) is a reminder to happily serve. (New to Smile & Move? Learn more here.)

If you're not familiar with the Smile & Move video, please watch it here first (products that are downloaded are not refundable).

How to purchase the license...

1. Choose whether you'd like a 1-year or Forever license for the video (a 1-Year License expires 1 year after date of purchase; a Forever License lets your organization use the video with no time limit).

2. Download our License Agreement and fill out the required fields, save the agreement, and upload it to the 'Upload Completed License Agreement' box.

3. Add the license to your cart and check out.

After you check out, we'll email you a link to download your video license and Leader's Guide within 2 business hours of your purchase (8 am to 5 pm M-F, EST).

This is a digital product; no physical product, DVD, or video will be shipped to you.

The Everyone Everywhere™ License includes:

  • Unlimited views of the Smile & Move video across your entire organization in any setting (opening or closing a meeting or event, during onboarding and orientation sessions, and in customer service training programs) for the period of the license purchased
  • Full use of the video on any internal learning management system (LMS), intranet, training library, or other internal network
  • Complete Leader's Guide with detailed instructions on how to introduce, present, discuss, and reinforce the material with employees (so complete that no additional "train-the-trainer" program is needed)

More about the Smile & Move video...

The video is a high-energy, high-resolution production that runs just over 3 minutes. It was written and directed by Sam Parker (the author of the Smile & Move book).

It has no watermarks or warning messages and is sized with a 16:9 aspect ratio (a 16:9 aspect ratio is techie talk for "works well in most projection environments").

To help spread the message throughout your organization, consider using the Smile & Move PowerPoint® formatted presentation - single-user version here and Everyone Everywhere™ License option here.

To deepen the experience for your team and consistently reinforce the fundamentals of Smile & Move, get inspiring mugs, banners, and other supporting gear here.