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Video Multi-Packs

This is a collection of any 3 of our 5 short inspiring videos.

Each is a great tool for kicking off, supporting, or closing any meeting or event.

(Want more or less? Buy the complete collection of 5 or buy the videos individually.)

About the videos...

  • Written and directed by Sam Parker, the author of each of the books the videos are based on
  • Inspiring, high-resolution productions that about run 3 – 4 minutes each
  • No watermarks or warning messages
  • Sized with a 16:9 aspect ratio (a 16:9 aspect ratio is techie talk for “works well in most projection environments”)
  • Includes a Leader’s Guide for each video to help you introduce them
  • Comes with one copy of each book

Buying 3 videos saves you $390 (discounted 44% from $885 bought separately … $295 each).

If you’re new to our messages/titles, you can learn more about each from the links below or call us in Richmond, Virginia at 804-762-4500.

This collection includes any 3 of these 5 videos...

Use the drop-down menus above the "Add to Cart" button to choose which 3 videos you'd like to get.

Want more or less? Buy the complete collection of 5 or buy the videos individually.

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