Work Is Love Made Visible (11oz White)

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A reminder with every sip!

Our 5 favorite consecutive words on one side.
Our 4 favorite consecutive words on the other.

Imagine how much more enjoyable our days would be if more of us reminded ourselves (frequently) that our work is one of the most important ways we show our care for other people.

Imagine being on the receiving end of that ... over the phone ... in a store ... on a trip ... in a restaurant ... at a show.

A wonderful message to share with your team combined with the reminder that when we Give More (attention, effort, and care) we better our chances to Enjoy More as a result.

Get some for your next meeting. Use them with new hires during the recruiting process ("Can I get you a cup of coffee before we sit down?"). See who's curious about the message. Surprise people with a bunch in your breakroom and wait for people to ask you about them. Then share the big picture of the thoughts with them (those 'imagine notes above').

  • 11 ounces / White / Ceramic
  • On one side is the thought 'Work Is Love Made Visible' from Kahlil Gibran
  • On the opposite side is the reminder that when we 'Give More' (attention, effort, and care) we better our chances to 'Enjoy More' as a result
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Also available in black
  • Look at more designs and colors of this mug

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