Who We Are

Worldwide Smoving Headquarters

We’re here to help you enjoy more of your day.

We do it by publishing our fresh, no-fluff messages and ideas in different ways - in books, booklets, and videos as well as on pocket cards, posters, and many other products. It's all about raising awareness and helping people care more about their work (what they do every day) and the people they work with and for (colleagues, customers, patients, students, family, friends).

Our material is helping leaders at thousands of companies, organizations, and school systems inspire people to be more enthusiastic, committed, and focused on what needs to be done.

It's also helping hundreds of thousands of people as individuals (even families) to live engaged lives of contribution and care.

We're real people here and we'd love to help you.

Our office is located in Richmond, Virginia. (That's us up there on the top floor. If you're driving south on I-95, honk as you go by and we might hear you.) Our names ... Jim, James, Lauren, Chris, Kelsi, Carlyn, and Sam. We're here all week.

Thank you very much (say that like Elvis ... it's more fun).