Who We Are

Worldwide Smoving Headquarters

We’re here to help you create a stronger team and a better culture.

We do it by giving leaders a fresh way to remind their people that cultivating better relationships and better results is what matters most at work. A wonderful side benefit ... sometimes the ideas help people at home too.

Everything begins with our fresh, no-fluff messages. We publish them in short 20-minute books, 3-minute videos, pocket-sized reminder cards, and on many other reinforcement products (posters, drinkware, PowerPoint® slides for meetings, etc.). Sam Parker (author of the books & co-founder of InspireYourPeople.com) also gives inspiring keynotes

The goal is to help you raise awareness so more people fully accept their personal responsibility to making things better ... continually. 

Our material is helping leaders at thousands of companies, organizations, and school systems. It's also helping hundreds of thousands of people as individuals (even families) to live engaged lives of contribution and care.

We're real people here and we'd love to help you. Call us (804-762-4500), email us, or chat with us (lower right corner of the page).

Our office is located in Richmond, Virginia. (That's us up there on the top floor.)

If you're driving south on I-95, honk as you go by and we might hear you.

Have fun and slowly zoom in to explore where we are!